a reader question – selling body parts

A couple of blogs I read publish posts answering questions from their readers. I thought I’d do the same and pretend readers come to me seeking my sage advice. Unfortunately, my question wasn’t from a fan or actually to my blog. It’s just a tricky question from my blogging buddy Silence of Mind (who’s not a troll, if anyone asks, and he’s only my buddy when he’s funny, not when he’s obscenely rude).

Here’s the question:

Have you heard about Planned Parenthood making coin from the harvest and sale of baby body parts?

What do you think of such a thing whether true or not?

Yikes, it’s the sort of question that’s difficult to get into, but it deserves careful consideration. First off, I should point out that I’m not in the USA and I haven’t followed the story in any detail, just from the occasional blog post.

  • For me, the question focuses on the wrong issues – why are such high numbers of women needing abortions? High levels of abortion are unnecessary, especially in a rich country that could easily ensure young people get a decent education about sex and could easily make sure birth control in its various forms is freely available.
  • Anyone who still feels they need to access to abortion services should be able to choose if the fetal tissue is donated to medical science – much like we do with the rest of our body when we die or have something removed.
  • I think all healthcare should be funded by our taxes and universally available free at point of delivery. American healthcare is such a mess it’s a profit driven venture. Making money out of any kind of human tissue and any kind of dead body creates a market with odd drivers.


  • I don’t think anyone should be making a profit out of any body parts from any sentient being.

What does everyone else think? Thanks for your question SOM!