a challenge for christians: the moral argument against abortion

do you have any kind of moral argument against a woman being allowed to just get pregnant as many times and she wants and to than sell the fetal tissue? I can’t argue against it outside the context of faith. (Insanitybytes)

Most Christians are very much opposed to women having access to any kind of safe and legal abortion facilities. And they will resort to all sorts of odd questions to try and make their point. However, when it comes to providing reasoning for their stance, they are pretty vague in terms of providing any kind of biblical or even logical references.

Take the quote above. With full bravado, Insanity rejected the many clearly presented reasons why woman would logically be unlikely to choose to do such a thing, and also why it should never be condoned in society if someone did. As well as not accepting these reasons, Insanity was completely unable to argue for her case within the context of her faith.

As I stated on the previous post, for those who believe in the Christian god God, they must accept that their creator wove massive-scale pregnancy termination into the very fabric of his creation, and that even within the Bible he demands women be aborted for trivial reasons. Therefore, according to their holy book the Bible, Christians must accept their god has made abortion natural and also available for procurement in specific circumstances.

Please be assured I am not judging this god – I do not believe the Christian god exists. I am simply trying to understand how in the face of overwhelming biblical and observable evidence to the contrary, so many Christians insist that their faith calls them to fight against access to abortion.

So my challenge to Christians is this: explain the argument against abortion within the context of the Christian faith, with specific reference to how your understanding does not directly contradict both the design that is filled with pregnancy terminations, and the abortions encouraged in the Bible.

Thanks to this great post by Roughseas, we are also informed us that for most of Christian history abortion was accepted within the context of your faith.

My Christian friends, do you think perhaps a rethink is required?