a challenge for christians – why christianity?

The existence of God is evident and obvious, a simple matter of fact. Blood, air, water, dirt, vegetables, marriage, clean animals, unclean animals, night creatures, sea life, stars, mountains, memory, insects, the brain, the conscience, the heart, the soul, male, female, man, woman, time, children, love, hate, sweat, tears, space, laughter, matter, earthquakes, thunder, lightning, rainbows, hail, snow, arithmetic, words, color, music, sound, all things having a grand design, and hardly worthy of crediting to a big and fat vat of purposeless nothingness. (Colorstorm)

Many Christians are sure that the Christian god God exists because they don’t understand how it is possible for anything to exist in his absence. Most scientists would disagree. Not being a scientist myself, I do understand their sense of wonder at what we see around us, and the pull to ascribe a sense of purpose to this existence.

So, basically, I’m not perturbed by the idea that people believe in a creator. What really confuses me is how they reach the conclusion that the Middle Eastern god of the Jews is the obvious creator behind the curtains.

Let’s look at some fatal flaws in drawing the conclusion that the Christian god God is the creator of our existence:

  • He’s male. How ridiculous is that? If a creator god existed and had gender traits, she would obviously be a woman – a mother that births.
  • He’s benevolent and perfect but he kills and tortures with glee. Is that possible?
  • Many of the stories from his holy book are stolen from other cultures’ relgious myth parades. Does that not look fishy? Ark before Noah, anyone?
  • Most people in most cultures believe in the superstition of their culture, or trade up to one offering them a better life (or death). Wonder why you chose the Christian god?

My challenge to Christians is: even if you’re insufficiently educated to fully understand how existence could be possible without a creator, why would the Christian god God be the obvious answer?