new blog rules

I’ve been blogging for two and half years now and have never felt the need to issue any kind of fixed rules for anyone willing to participate in the discussions. Until last week.  I realised that currently I don’t have the time to deal with comments from a racist conspiracy theorist, or anyone who can’t participate in a conversation without resorting to personal insults.

So, as of today, I issue fair warning to anyone* who can’t stick to the polite requests I issue regarding regarding personal attacks, racism or any other behaviour I deem unacceptable. You will be removed to spam. Higharka and Pink, should you be reading, consider yourselves spammed.

Hopefully I won’t have to resort to doing this again, as I much prefer the completely open forum I’ve been maintaining.

Normal service may resume at some point in the future when I have more time to dedicate to blogging and don’t have to feel like it’s being sapped up explaining the basics of politeness and/or decency to arrogant dickheads. Ooops, I mean ‘blog guests’.

* All my best blogging buddies are exempt.