blog break ponder

I enjoy blogging immensely. I love bashing out my irritations on a keyboard and unleashing them into space. I delight in reading posts by other bloggers that get me thinking – those I think are wonderful, those I think are intriguing and those I think are nonsense. I like getting tangled up in conversations, discussions and arguments with people I’ve never met.

It would be wonderful to put all my favourite blogging characters in a room together and see what happens. There are so many bloggers I’d like to meet … or just observe from a safe distance. I want to know how many people have created an online persona that is nothing like them in real life. I want to know how many of the cookie characters floating around are actually trolls.

But time is not my friend. I have none. And even if I had a little time to post my thoughts or responses to other people’s thoughts on an occasional basis, I know now that it would snowball, like it always does, into a massive time sink of a tunnel that obliterates the time I need just for day to day living and basic social interaction.

So, for anyone stumbling around here, just to let you know I’m on yet another blog break. Another break I hope to have time to come back from. Maybe.

I mean, what’s the point in blogging if Ark isn’t about?