christians play russian roulette with syrian refugees

Quiner’s Diner published an interestingly xenophobic graphic the other day in their post “The Refugee Dilemma“. A picture of a gun loaded with one bullet, and the words “refugee roulette”.

I agree that we are playing an unnecessarily dangerous game when it comes to denying people help. I left a comment which is being held in moderation, and thought it would be nice to release it here in the meantime.

Which refugee dilemma are you referring to? Is it that if you refuse to help anyone, you’re playing Russian roulette in terms of radicalising more people both overseas and within your borders? Or is it the Russian roulette in terms of going against the clear teachings of Jesus? Playing with your eternal soul, so to speak.

Or maybe it’s just the Russian roulette with your human conscience – sitting in your comfortable life in the richest country in the world, refusing to help people in desperate need because you don’t like foreigners (and can’t even hide from yourself that the security red herring would cut both ways and is therefore irrelevant).