introducing the victims of PC


Offending is the unavoidable byproduct of honest conversation. (Tildeb)

For those of you who haven’t noticed, we live in a much smaller world. It’s a world where everyone has a voice and everyone can find a platform. It’s a world where we come to know the intimate stories and experiences of people from wildly different backgrounds, people with wildly different life experiences.

Our understanding of other people is no longer limited to a small community around us and a relatively small selection of stories that have been printed on paper. People with what would have been considered fringe experiences in life are finding networks of people online who have had similar experiences. They share their stories and find a stronger voice.

As a result of all this, our sense of empathy with mistreated, oppressed and disenfranchised groups within all societies has grown. We read stories of pain, distress and trauma and groan at our ignorance, flinch at the actions and words we have insensitively used in the past and easily adjust our behaviour and our vocabulary accordingly.

Or do we?

It’s come to my attention that there is an angry and intransigent group of people who aren’t concerned about the effect their actions or words have on any group of people. Their paramount concern is that their established thinking and form of expression is never inconvenienced, that they can continue their righteous crusade wielding whatever words they feel are appropriate, and that anyone with a problem should simply ‘get over it’.

Readers, may I introduce to you the sensitive snowflakes in our midst, the victims of a world in which politically correct language and thinking, has undeniably gone mad. Here a few mind-boggling examples.

  • People on blogs are writing about their feelings and experiences of discrimination, victimisation and marginalisation and they expect their stories of distress, pain and tragedy to be taken seriously, even asking Victims of PC to be understanding and think about modifying their behaviour.
  • People on blogs are banning other individuals from commenting on the basis that they find the language or ideas of Victims of PC to be offensive.
  • Organisations have been known to deplatform Victims of PC to make a point that their views aren’t welcome.

Let’s give the Victims of PC a voice, a place they can feel safe. Let’s listen to their story. There is nothing wrong with charging through life ignoring the needs and sensitivities of others. In fact, it’s something that able-bodied, middle class, white, heterosexual, cis-gender men have been used to for generations.