comment of the month – responsibility for refugees

The invasion of of Iraq happened with the pretext of the 9/11, but that fact has been more likely to increase, than to decrease terrorism. The bloody handed dictator Saddam had none what so ever connection to Osama or Al-Qaida so it made the US and Britain look like the terrorists themselves. There was also this pretext of the weapons of mass destruction, that has also been demonstrated as total bull (and in fact was debunked beforehand by Hans Blix). The pretext of ending tyranny has failed, since the US simply took the role of the torturer of Iraqis from Saddam. Replaced the terror of Sunni government with the terror of Shia government and frankly made Iran the mighties country in the region of the Gulf during the process. This is the kind of policy that begets terrorism.

The crisis in Syria and the ISIS in particular are direct reprecussions of how the US handeled the “nation building” in Iraq after the invasion. Should not the US take more responsibility of the resulting refugees? Europe is crying “refugee crisis” while most of those refugees are housed by the developing economies of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Comment of the month on the current refugee situation comes from Rautakyy, our Finnish font of comment sense and rock solid analysis. Full comment and context can be found here.