the importance of feedback

You, ma’am are a scoffer who delights in mocking faith and the faithful, not an intellectual who is not the least bit interested in changing minds or learning.

One look at your blog should prove to anyone that you should not be taken seriously.

Plus, you consistently endorse the words of vile haters. That diminishes you and places you forever beyond the pale of civil discourse.

You really don’t deserve the courtesy of either replies or engagement of any sort.

(The Isaiah 53:5 Project on Quiner’s Diner)

If I’m honest, I’m not getting much positive feedback these days for my blogging efforts. Not that I ever got positive feedback, as such, more that I’m getting a considerable level of negative feedback, from a fair cross-section of fellow bloggers.

My first instinct is write it all off as the problem of the various people giving negative feedback. But some part of me realises that this would be the response of an arrogant person engaging in discussions solely to hear their own voice.

So, I’ve given the feedback due consideration and I’m going to attempt the following changes in my blogging life:

  • no mocking people for their views
  • be more open to seeing things from other points of view, instead of approaching every issue with the assumption that my initial instincts are correct
  • post and comment less frequently but in chunks of time where I know I can give things my full attention, rather than rattling off responses on my phone while doing other things
  • no posting responses while I’m angry

I’m posting this information to get it clear in my head but also so that it is here to remind me in the future (when I inevitably get blogging tunnel vision) that not adhering to these principles does nothing to further my arguments for issues that are important to me, or discussions that I think are useful for humans generally.

Thank you to everyone who’s given me feedback.