taking a break – from knowing it all

cropped-montbrecia-11 by Ark

Time to take a break.

Even I get bored of my patronising, know-it-all attitude. I like to think I have a knack for spotting what’s wrong with an argument – what’s illogical, impractical and dogmatic. But life’s too complex for our tiny human brains to ever pinpoint what’s best in murky areas like politics, relationships and even religion. The outcomes of every action are infinite in scope.

I’m tired of spending time arguing with other people who have equally patronising, know-it-all attitudes, and I’m keen to spend my spare thinking moments doing something else. For a while at least.

Until then, I’ll be lurking. Like every other omniscient, benevolent superbeing.

Thanks to Ark for letting me share his stunning photo of a Babault’s Blue on a Monbretia.