selecting my chosen oppressed group

I’ve recently had cause to reassess my views towards groups of people who are routinely oppressed and/or marginalised within our society. It’s been suggested to me that it’s impossible to cover all bases for political correctness and that we should simply to stick to a specific subset of discrimination that we favour.

Given that I’ve recently been found guilty of trans-activist rhetoric (sounds like a crime!), I thought I should select trans people as the oppressed group that I’d like to support.

It would be absurd to suggest that humans are individuals within a society and that equality of treatment is a sensible goal for everyone. I’m now clear that we can only focus on one group of people (maybe two or three if we’re very clever) at a time.

So, I’ve decided to drop gay people and people with mental health problems as groups that I’ll support. To be honest, I’ve had some bad experiences with individuals who fall into both groups, and I’ve recently seen some headlines in the news indicating that most of them are perverts and criminals. So, if you see any of those types hanging round my blog, please feel free to tell them your personal opinion about them, regardless of how they claim (in their victimhood, yawn) it makes them feel – gay, poof, crazy, nuts – the floor’s open. I simply can’t be a catch-all.


Hopefully anyone reading this spotted it was satire. But you never know. I’m sickened by the number of posts and comments I’ve been reading lately suggesting that the acceptance of trans people into ‘normal’ society isn’t simple. Even those who aren’t outright wishing harm to trans people are happy to accept comments that trans people in general may be a threat to feminism, to women or society in general.

In this respect, I am reminded of 20 years ago and the prevailing attitude towards to gay people. Even people who weren’t outright hostile to homosexuals were happy to accept comments that they were sexual perverts, wrapped up in themselves and their unnatural sexual desires, who would never lead normal lives. There seems to be the same trend now from areas where trans people might expect the most support – campaigners for other oppressed groups. I can only imagine these campaigners have been offended by specific individuals, have been hurt by society, and have found a lower class to denigrate and victimise.

It’s beyond sad. But interesting to note the patterns in human thinking that persist even as we attempt to tear down barriers.

If trans people don’t make sense within the framework of your chosen ideology, if you’re an evangelical Christian or a radical feminist, then please stop to consider that perhaps the problem doesn’t lie with them, but with your mouldy old rule book, and your inability to recognise patterns of societial oppression and discrimination.

(I’m not going to link to any specific posts or comments because I understand that there is a fear that a kind of witch-hunt is underway against people who are anti-trans, and I don’t want to contribute to whipping up antagonism. I think these people are genuinely misled. Suffice to say that there are sites out there dedicated to spreading anti-trans propaganda, scouring newspapers and websites for negative stories, and presenting anecdotes and foul personal opinions as evidence in favour of discrimination. These sites are acknowledged, liked and further shared by radical feminists who agree with them.)