radical feminism versus manosphere


I made the suggestion recently that manosphere must have started up as a satirical response to radical feminism: the kind of Poe’s Law phenomenon that picks up unexpected steam and becomes believable for certain individuals in society.

There are undeniable parallels between these two world views, and I thought it would be useful to examine them in closer detail.

the wake-up call

Both world views introduce the uninitiated to a whole new way of looking at life.

Radical feminism opens doors for many women who have lived lives full of disadvantage and abuse to finally see the root causes in our patriarchal human society. It also pulls back the curtain on thousands of years of oppression and systematic discrimination for anyone, female or male, who takes the time to read facts presented. Once someone sees the world in this new light, life is never the same.

Mansophere opens doors for a subset of heterosexual males, who have felt cheated out of their right to have sex with females, to finally see an imagined world of deliberate game playing where they are the victims. It also gives them reality-based tips for playing on female insecurities to increase their chances of having sex. Once someone sees the world in this new light, life is never the same.

custom language

Both world views are riddled with specialist vocabulary to describe their understanding of the world they see around them.

Radical feminists talk about “handmaidens of the patriarchy” to belittle women who disagree with them; PIV (penis in vagina) to describe the evils of the heterosexual norm in society; “mansplaining” to describe how men arrogantly and patronisingly talk over women.

Manospherians relate much of their changed world view to The Matrix films, in which we can choose a “red pill” to see the real world, or a “blue pill” to remain in the fake world; men are categorised according to their success rate with females, with “alpha”, “beta” and “omega” males; “Feminazi” is a disparaging term for women who disagree with them.

the blame game

Both world views blame the opposite sex for causing problems.

Radical feminism blames men for using their male-born privilege to perpetuate the inequalities in society. They blame men for the horrendous levels of violence in the world.

Manosphere blame women for wanting to have relationships with other men, but not with them.


Radical feminism and manosphere are surprisingly very similar – they open the eyes of their followers to perceived gender-specific miscarriages of justice enacted by members of the opposite sex.

However, there is a key difference. Radical feminism is based on the fact that all around the world, in almost every culture, women have been facing, and continue to face discrimination and violence at the hands of men.

Manosphere, on the other hand, is based on the sense of bitter entitlement that envelops a subset of men who don’t thrive under the patriarchal model of society. They’ve clearly been taking the wrong red pill. I would encourage these men to abandon their empty goal of mindlessly and selfishly controlling women for their sexual pleasure, and join the ranks of any form of feminism to fight for a change in society that will undoubtedly benefit everyone.