critically thinking about evidence for the christian god god

Most of you may know Ark, round at Ark’s place, who periodically publishes posts begging Christians to come forth with evidence for the existence of their god God. He is one seemingly hardened atheist who clearly wants to be saved.

Fortunately for Ark, our dear friend Becky has published a comprehensive list of compelling evidence with a backdrop of critical thinking. Please pop over to read the whole post for yourself, but if you don’t have time, I’ve condensed the main points.

1. All the leading scientific experts in the world who think that the Big Bang could have started the universe are wrong. Becky and the experts at the Institute for Creation Science know that something must have existed before it, and they have reasonably concluded that the Christian god God (and no other) scientifically started the bit before the bang.

2. Everything looks like it’s designed, so it must have been! The ten red checker experiment proves that within the space of eternity nothing could happen that looks designed, therefore the Christian god God made it all.

3. The existence of intelligent life – I’m thinking, therefore the Christian god God made me.

4. Humans sin and animals don’t, therefore the Christian god God created laws for humans to break.

5. A political document in one country in the world makes reference to inalienable rights, which means the Christian god God must have invented them.

6. Evolution can’t excuse our ability to have similar instincts about effective group behaviour, therefore morality was invented by the Christian god God, when he created everything. That’s why we’re not cannibals!

7. I (Becky) know it’s true, therefore it’s definite that the Christian god God exists. Not like all the other gods that all the other people know are true.

So thank you to Becky for finally critically thinking us through the evidence that the Christian god God exists.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t have to see another one of those posts from Ark. I look forward to attending his first communion.