7 Steps to Dealing with a Sexist Partner


one of the greatest struggles for many women is the struggle against the sin of laziness

Biblical Gender Roles is a blogger on a mission for attention. He wants to be seen, he craves hits. He publishes as many ridiculously inflammatory posts as he can, to the extent that it’s unclear if the whole blog is a satirical hit on Christian sexism.

His latest offering, 7 Steps to Dealing with a Lazy Wife, is no different. Read it if you want to stroke his ego, or instead, have a squiz at my 7 Steps to Dealing with a Sexist Partner. Because one of the greatest struggles for many men, is escaping the sexist programming in our discriminatory society.

1. Insist from the start of a relationship that everything is split equally, don’t fall for nonsense notions of men choosing, paying or opening doors.
2. Once co-habiting, ensure household chores are evenly split, so outdated roles aren’t assumed without thought, and the joy of maintaining a well-kept, shared space is appreciated fully by all.
3. Always stay in some form of employment if possible, or at least keep skills up to date, so that a finance card can never be used against you.
4. Let sex fall within a natural rhythm when both of you want it. Never feel the need to go at it for the sake fulfilling an unwritten quota, and risk it becoming something you don’t look forward to.
5. If your partner ever mentions disciplining you, as if you are a child and he is a terrible parent from previous centuries, run a mile.
6. If your partner ever suggests that the egalitarian teachings of the character Jesus can be used to force you to submit to him, tell him you’re joining the Quakers and kick him out.
7. If your partner suggests you are lazy, get pens and paper out and each write down all the shortcomings you see in each other and discuss if either of you are willing or able to change. If you can’t come to agreement and feel the shortcomings are a deal breaker, go your separate ways.

I hope that helps any women out there dealing with sexist men, and will happily receive further suggestions.