assclowns in the USA

And ThugLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter protesters?  I’ll call them what they are, too: ASSCLOWNS. (VR Kaine)

I don’t live in the United States of America, but main news items from there are quite often covered by the British media.

What I saw in the last few days, in way too much detail for my liking, was coverage of two men being murdered by people called “law enforcement officers” who were either trigger happy, poorly trained or seriously inept (perhaps a combination of all three). As I understand it, these murders come on the back of many more deaths in dubious circumstances. And in all of these cases, no-one has been held accountable.

Based on what I’ve seen, there are some serious problems within the law enforcement community in the USA. I’m not surprised in the slightest that there have been demonstrations, and that people are furious and disillusioned. And let’s be honest, in a society where the people who are employed to protect fellow citizens are developing a horrendous habit of killing them, it’s not surprising that as these cases of officers killing citizens become more frequent and better documented, civil unrest and revenge murders are starting to rear their ugly heads.

What does surprise me is the level of fury against people protesting for change, as demonstrated in VR Kaine’s rant, quoted and linked to above. If I lived in a country where my fellow citizens were being gunned down by police officers without cause on a regular basis, I would be in a state of shock and horror about the atrocious state of key institutions that underpin a civilised society. I would be furious about any mindless revenge attacks too, right enough, but they would certainly not be the focus of my fury.

Should police officers have guns when they’ve demonstrated they can’t use them sensibly?

Should private citizens have guns if all the evidence shows possession of a weapon is more likely to see you killed than protected (as has been demonstrated in these high profile cases of the last couple of days)?

Unfortunately for the USA, their country is saturated in weapons. So, in one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, where people consider themselves to be ‘free’, most of the population seem to fear and distrust their fellow citizens so much that they believe their safest bet is to carry a weapon that can instantly kill another person. It’s a curious culture, a pitiful society in this respect, and I hope that this aspect of American society doesn’t ever leave its shores for mine. 

VR Kaine will be at pains to assure us all that he’s not racist, or an assclown. Yet there’s something about his post that makes me suspect he’s both.