comment of the month – guns and fear

For those of us fortunate enough to live without weapons and who feel no need to possess them, it’s very difficult to get someone to even imagine what that might be like. Once experienced, of course, the state of being unafraid is so obviously superior to living in fear that it sometimes boggles the mind that there really are people who prefer the fear and who believe that possessing even more weapons is the right way – nay, the only way – to deal with that fear!

I have a large family with many branches that lives in the US, Canada, and Australia so I get the differences (including a close friend and neighbour from NZ). In all cases, we agree that the US gun culture (for a well regulated militia, don’t forget) has evolved into a real life example of the mythical Ouroboros.


It’s a short comment of the month (sorry Raut, your crown is temporarily in the wrong hands) by I have to say that my politically incorrect nemesis Tildeb bangs this nail squarely on the head. Will anyone or anything ever be able to get through to the stunningly deluded citizens of the USA when it comes to the question of gun control?