I don’t believe in monsters

I don’t believe in monsters, because life is not two-dimensional, good versus evil. Life is a complex weave of circumstance, judgement calls on limited facts, and subtle indoctrination.

I don’t believe in monsters, because I live in a world where actions have consequences, and every individual is a product of their environment.

I don’t believe in monsters, because I want solutions. Not cycles of hatred, punishment and violence with no end.

I’ll call out bigotry, prejudice and discrimination whenever I see it because I truly believe humans are capable of change.

And yet I recognise that I too must be guilty of bigotry, prejudice and discrimination in ways I can hardly yet recognise.

There are no monsters, so let’s look for solutions by excavating causes to their very roots. Not stopping at our prejudices.

(An arty ponder verging on poetry by Violet (likely to be the only one, ever))