demonic statements from Insanitybytes

How can anyone compare the Holiness of God with a black woman or anything else for that matter? That is pure blasphemy and anyone who is promoting the Shack is in my personal opinion blaspheming God. This woman is a weed planted by Satan to make believers stumble and those who don’t know God yet, make them go further from the truth. Ladies and gentlemen, this woman is very dangerous spiritually speaking and should be avoided like a plague.(Spaniard VIII)

Anyone who is in any doubt that Christianity is a religion created and perpetrated by supporters of domineering men, need only look to the controversy surrounding a new film, The Shack, to be convinced. In the film, the Christian god is presented as a woman – a black woman, no less – and it’s provoking curious levels of alarm from some quarters.

Throughout the history of Christianity, their god has been presented by adherents primarily as male: ignoring the fact that in Genesis ‘they’ (women and men) were allegedly made in the image of the god; ignoring the fact that the earliest Hebrew Old Testament texts consistently refer to the Holy Spirit aspect of the trinity god as female; and ignoring the fact that this supernatural being is supposed to be beyond mere human biological sex.

Christians barely blink an eye when their god, in any of its three forms, is represented by a white male. They might not think it’s necessarily ‘right’, in that most would acknowledge that their god is unlikely to look like a mere human, but it’s not offensive to these racist and misogynistic Christians.

So it’s interesting to note the spluttering rage when another Christian (Insanitybytes) writes a post suggesting that their god could show its love through a woman. They’re happy to accept their god showing love as a father, as a male god on Earth and as any form of male entity. They’re happy for their god to reveal his message through men, but their disgust at the thought of a black woman being used, reveals something really quite disturbing about the mindset.