the child protector wolf in sheep’s clothing

Christians who realise they can’t persuade the rest of the world that homosexuality is ‘wrong’ simply because it says so in the Bible (that’s the book where beating slaves and children are both encouraged, and eating pigs is ‘wrong’), shift their focus instead to manufactured concern for children affected by the existence of gay relationships.

For instance, it seems that these Christian ‘child-protectors’ would prefer that children are told there is only one model family and are horrified at the thought that children could be exposed to understanding that all families come in different shapes and sizes.

small toddlers as young as four are being targeted for the purpose of brainwashing them with LGBT etc propaganda. They’ll be taught that it is OK to have two daddies, two mummies (Catholic Truth)

Is it really ‘LGBT propaganda’ to educate children about the reality of actual family structures in their community? Or should we return to the ‘good old days’ of shunning children who come from family structures that aren’t biological mother and father? Children who are from single-parent families, children who are adopted and children who are from same-sex parent families all need to be acknowledged by our education systems, to combat the kind of ignorance that leads to bullying and social exclusion for kids perceived to be from ‘different’ homes.

Things crank up a gear when anti-gay Christian campaigners start projecting the worst of all family experiences for each and every child brought up by gay parents.

Growing up, I loved staying at my friend’s house who had a mom. Sometimes her mom would get out her wedding dress so we could be princesses, and I would feel jealous of my friend because I wished there was a wedding dress in the attic at my house. In elementary school, I had some “adjustment issues,” and they started me on Ritalin for ADHD in fourth grade. I was pretty connected to my genetic dad, but not so much to my other father and I felt guilty about that. I struggled with identity issues. (Katy Faust on the The Federalist)

Don’t we all wish we had had ‘normal’ parents? I’ve lost count of the number of messed up adults I’ve met who can trace all their depression, identity issues and general life anxiety directly back to their parents. And many of them as a direct result of religious brainwashing in their childhood … but that’s another story.

The fact is that we don’t get to choose who becomes parents, and it’s obvious that no parents can give children the ‘perfect’ home in every respect. I’m much more concerned about the welfare of the many neglected and resented children born by accident to heterosexual parents who don’t really even want to be together, than the welfare of children who will never get to try on a mother’s wedding dress because two dads moved heaven and earth and ensure their child could exist.

You only have to read one of the many research summaries or articles evaluating what we know about children brought up by same sex couples to know there is nothing to worry about. The only place you’ll read anything different is from people with a religious agenda to push.