God Spanks

Yes, God spanks. But like all loving fathers, He also holds us as we cry against His shoulder, as we tell Him we’re sorry and that we will amend our ways.

He spanks and He comforts because He wants us to grow up to be like Jesus. (Rebecca Luella Miller)

This is a curiously worded post from the ever-misguided Becky. She suggests that children with knives playing next to power outlets can only be saved if they are spanked by their parents, and that she, as an adult, can only be saved from her bad behaviour if her invisible god ‘spanks’ her by making her life miserable.

I’m intrigued, and I’d like to invite all Christians who agree with her to give a quick outline of their relationships with their parents when they were children. How was any challenging behaviour dealt with? Were you a nice child? Did you enjoy the company of your parents?