christian concern for children

I find it curious the number of ways some Christians like to show their concern for children. Children. As if ‘children’ are somehow separate from human beings, or as if the adult each child will become is of no relevance. 

Three things that easily go hand in hand are: wanting to force children to be born in less than ideal circumstances; removing decent healthcare from vulnerable children and their families; feeling furious enough at ‘evil’ to want to murder criminals when it all goes wrong. 

wanting to force existence on children

We have bestowed upon every woman of childbearing age an unquestionable right to end the lives of her own children in utero totally without consequence. It is a war on our children. (Madblog)

The anti-abortion movement is the apex of impassioned and hollow support for children. The movement wants to force both children and adult women to grow and give birth to babies that are unplanned and unwanted. They aim to force sentient existence on children who clearly are unlikely to get a good start in life. Why? Because they don’t agree that every woman has a right to decide when she grows and gives birth to new human beings. 

Are they concerned about suffering? Not in the slightest. A developing human in the womb has no capacity for pain and suffering. A woman hosting an unwanted an unwanted pregnancy has immense capacity for suffering, and a child born to parents who didn’t plan for it, can’t provide for it, or don’t want it, is a child who may very well face a lifetime of suffering.

wanting to remove healthcare support for vulnerable children and their parents

Any person who does not purchase their own healthcare policy will be allowed to suffer the consequences of their choice!  Government has no responsibility and no authority to provide for healthcare in any way.  This is because it must take from one and give to another simply for the good of the receiver.  This tramples the rights of the person being taken from.  To do so would be another form of slavery (Theroadtoconcord)

As well as attempting to force women in difficult circumstances to give birth to unplanned and unwanted children, the typical approach to caring for people in their society is … to not care for them. We so often find that the same mindset is convinced that every person needs to look after themselves, that there is no shared responsibility or concern for fellow human beings, and no sense of compassion that healthcare needs are universally met. 

Let’s pause to think about this: concern to force existence and block pregnancy terminations, but no concern about caring for the child once it’s born. Are they concerned about suffering? Not in the slightest. As long as their taxes are low and the government is small, it doesn’t matter who dies or suffers as a result of lack of access to healthcare.

wanting to murder on behalf of children

You know how I know God is merciful and full of grace? Because if it were left up to me I’d be annihilating each one of those people and holding public executions of those who abuse children and rob them of their faith. We are most fortunate I am not God because my patience is not nearly as steadfast as His, nor my mercy. I would show up as a wrathful, vengeful malevolent creator indeed, and leave a wake of destruction in my path. (Insanitybytes22)

Insanitybytes provides the crowning example of hollow Christian support for children. Conveniently ignoring that most, if not all people who commit the crime of child abuse have suffered immensely in their childhood, she is much more keen to murder them than figure out the roots of their harmful behaviour and help other people avoid the same path. Is she concerned about suffering? No, she clearly states she’s concerned abused children might not turn out to be Christians.


If we are really concerned about children, we have to be concerned about adults. If we are really concerned about children, we have to care about how they are born, how they are treated, how much they suffer, how much support society gives them and what we can do to help them grow up to be loved, loving and responsible members of our communities. 

We don’t do this by making women suffer through unwanted pregnancies, by making families suffer with unplanned children and no basic supports in society. And we most definitely don’t show our concern by then wanting to murder the children with terrible starts in life who grow up to be criminals.