nonsense, harm and great evil

I cannot honestly believe you lend any credence to the nonsense you are espousing. Call time out and admit this was just a wind up.(Ark)

Having dedicated the greater part of my blogging time to posts criticising religion, it has come as a surprise to some of my blogging buddies that I don’t think religions are a Great Evil that cause their adherents to be the most useless and ignorant contributors to human society.

One the one hand, I do think that religions are inaccurate belief systems. They were all created in times of relative ignorance and clearly responded to a human need to explain our existence. Every society developed some kind of formalised superstitious beliefs, and the stronger ones slowly swallowed up the weaker ones.

We now have several large world religions that are mutually incompatible (although some might argue with this), all claiming to be the Truth from some form of supernatural entities. And we have no evidence that any of these entities exist, aside from the clearly human-conceived traditions developed and passed down over the centuries.

To be honest, I’m often left speechless that so many people can still think any one of these religions is a message from gods. It seems so removed from reality, and lost in times of ignorance.

But then I have to remember I don’t know anything about existence, that humans don’t know anything about existence.

We’re a speck of dust in a universe we know nothing about. We can see lights in the form of stars that give a glimpse of the immensity but we have no idea how far it goes. We know the universe is expanding but have no idea why or where. We know there is more we can’t see than we can see even within the observable universe, but have no idea even what it is that we can’t see. We may know relatively lots compared to our ancestors, but in terms of what the universe actually is, we know relatively nothing.

So I can’t say for certain that people who think there is more, people who sense something different about our existence, are categorically wrong. As the Director-General of CERN says, we can’t prove through physics (or any other science) that gods don’t exist. I think it’s sheer arrogance, and foolhardy considering the history of humans, to insist otherwise.

In this blogging universe, I am interested in pointing out the harm (and sometimes the ridiculous) in things I stumble across. But I want to make it clear that my attraction to religion on this platform doesn’t mean I think all religious people are harmful, or indeed that religion leads people to be more harmful than humans would otherwise be. Our species does wonderful, creative, silly and awful things, all with or without belief in invisible gods.