should men wear short sleeves?

When the gorgeous behinds pass by, we (men) always have a choice. Either a) look away and think nothing else of it, b) appreciate the female form while you sip your half-caf, or c) visualize scenarios that run the prurient gamut. (Biblical Gender Roles)

Biblical Gender Roles has a post discussing whether Christian women should wear leggings or not, given that seeing the form of a female can cause men to want sex, and therefore possibly sin. 

He covers helpful areas such as whether the woman in question is married or still under her father’s authority, and if she has submitted to her male master’s decision on her clothing. All very useful, I’m sure.

But where I start to get confused, is that there is no discussion about what clothes men can wear, and what effect their bodies have on women. So I thought it would be useful to discuss a part of men’s bodies that has been bothering me for quite some time, as a woman of average sexual drive in a committed relationship.

Short sleeves. I’ve found that male forearms turn me on and can often make me have sexual thoughts about random men. I’m not a Christian, but I feel uncomfortable that I’m forced into thinking about being unfaithful to my wonderful partner because men aren’t more considerate about what they wear.

I’d like to take the opportunity afforded by BGR’s thought-provoking post to appeal to men to think more carefully about how they present themselves in public. I don’t want men to be ashamed of their bodies and I want them to look nice, but if they want to be treated as more than just a piece of meat for mental masturbation, they should really think twice about revealing so much of naturally sexually arousing bodies.