how to vote in a UK general election

I am not a fan of illogical choices. We have a UK general election coming up on Thursday this week and I’m forced to make a decision with one tick that can fulfill the following criteria:

1. We need a leader with integrity and intelligence. Jeremy Corbyn is a person who is passionate about social justice and redressing inequalities in society. He is a pacifist who has spent a lot of his political career campaigning for discussions, not bombs. He has never tried to climb the slimy political pole by voting with his party and against his conscience. He is the most honest, sincere and exciting potential leader I’ve ever seen in this country. I’m voting Labour! Jeremy Corbyn deserves to be our leader.

2. We need more political representation from women. Females account for approximately half of our population, but when it comes to elected representation for our government in the UK, men hold 71% of the seats. This is a disgrace! The Labour representative in my constituency is a man and Jeremy Corbyn is a man. I can’t vote Labour if my vote is to mean anything for women in government. I’m voting Greens! They are committed to gender equality, have a female leader and female candidate in my area.

3. We need a party who have a negotiating chance of saving us from the Brexit mess. I have one vote and the Greens have no chance in my area. The Scottish Nationalist Party are our only hope of saving Scotland’s links with Europe – we voted to stay in Europe, why should we leave with the rest of the UK? I’m voting SNP.

4. We need to overhaul our political system. It’s ridiculous that my democratic vote is one tick in what is ultimately a two-horse leadership race, even though I’m technically only electing a local representative for the UK parliament. The only way to support serious political change for the future, and end this kind of undemocratic farce that suits the two main parties, is to vote for the SNP. So, I am voting SNP.

I don’t really want to vote SNP. There are lots of things about the SNP I really don’t like. Nationalism, for one. So how do I help Jeremy Corbyn become our next prime minister (vital) while campaigning for more female representation (vital) while voting tactically within my constituency (vital) and ensure a fairer political system (vital)?