Potentially classic arguments for the non-existence of gods

Having been away from Blogland for several weeks, I’m surprised to come back for a browse and find Mel Wilde is still trawling through a series of posts trying desperately to prove the existence of gods by badly rehashing centuries’ old streams of pseudo-logic.

Interestingly enough, we don’t need 20,000 pages of verbal contortion to state the case for the non-existence of gods, but just a handful of very simple, verifiable observations.

arguments for the non-existence of gods

  1. Lots of ‘gods’ have been invented by lots of isolated groups of humans – no two isolated places have been inspired by the same ‘god’. Clearly evolved tales based on human imagination.
  2. No ‘god’ has gone public and contacted people openly, changed events beyond question, healed people based on human pleas – but many ‘gods’ are reported to have done such things in private, or conducted ‘miracles’ in line with coincidental occurences (talk to Christians about their god finding them parking spaces, honestly!)
  3. If you passionately believe your god is real, spend some time looking at devout believers of another religion – e.g. Christians immerse yourself in viewing the passionate sense of firm belief of Muslims or go to a Scientology meeting. Fervent belief in literally any old rubbish we’re consistently taught, or anything that gives us hope when we’re down, is sadly a basic human trait.
  4. Looking for answers doesn’t mean they exist, it just means we’re curious.
  5. Looking for unicorns doesn’t mean they exist, it’s just means it would be nice if they did.
  6. Looking for eternal afterlives and meaning in a short existence doesn’t mean there are any, it just means we’d feel more comfortable thinking there are.
  7. Stories from history aren’t always reliable – King Arthur probably didn’t exist but may have been formed from an exaggerated story of a real person. Religious assertions based on historical ‘facts’ don’t bear much scrutiny.
  8. All religions are sexist because they were all invented by humans before the advent of birth control.

I’m sure I’ve missed some obvious ones out, feel free to add to the really uncontorted and easily understood list.