royal wedding fever

In the midst of Trump-induced chaos and violence in the Middle East, the UK is still managing to drown the news in vacuous ramblings about an upcoming wedding involving one member of a hereditary royal family. A hereditary ‘royal’ family in 2018 – let this sink in.

Headlines about wedding guests, headlines about clothes, headlines about how this will change the royal family, how this is progress. Progress??? A hereditary royal family, passing title and privilege down through generations, living off lands amassed and stolen in wars centuries ago, receiving money from the public purse – having influence and power simply through birth. ‘Progress’ in this context doesn’t even start to come in a mildly unconventional marital match.

As if we don’t have enough to put up with in modern society with the generational celebrity cults of family. At least celebrity isn’t a ‘right’ that is passed on to every random offspring.

In the United Kingdom, if the media is to be believed (is the media to be believed?) the general public are all blindly accepting that the royal family is a fact that need never be altered. Democracy is a flimsy facade draped over a permanent feudal superstructure. We must rejoice in queens and kings and princesses and princes – heap them with praise, bow the appropriate depth, accept their awards, marvel over their lives, delight over their public appearances, take their words seriously, shower them with all the honour their ancient title demands.

But really …. really?

It’s like I’m trapped in an Emporer’s New Clothes existence. Who are the people cheering and waving Union Jacks? I’m drowning in a sea of mindless worker ants, yet wondering how many other nonsense aspects of human life and society I personally am taking for granted, that I’m blind to and celebrating like an excited monkey who can’t see reality for looking.

Here are some highlights I’ve picked up in life so far:

  1. We don’t need to worship gods. Invisible gods aren’t real and religions are invented by humans to plug the ignorance gaps (naming it the ‘god of the gaps argument’ doesn’t invalidate this clear fact)
  2. We don’t need to eat or exploit animals. Animals are sentient creatures that shouldn’t live and die on our greedy whim and deliberate ignorance about their miserable lives.
  3. We don’t need to mindlessly accept traditional roles. Hereditary monarchies should be abolished, now, everywhere.

So don’t be sucked into mindless acceptance of what society tells us is ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ – humans constantly change their way of living based on the reality and available information around them. As society evolves and we learn more about ourselves and this planet, we must action our understanding and refuse to mindlessly follow what generations before have accepted.

Down with the monarchy!