arming christians to combat atheist objections

If you are a Christian you should equip yourself with not just knowing what you believe but what non-believers think about Christianity. We must view our faith as a constant state of training. (link)

I must admit, I love bullet point posts like these and I love the interesting angles we’re treated to within them. So here we go:

1. There is no evidence that God exists. When people roll out the “something made the big bang so the Christian god God did it” you have to wonder how the logic cogs in their head work. First of all, just because philosophers have strangled words and concepts for centuries to convince themselves that there must be a prime mover, does not make this an evidence-based fact. But most importantly, even if you’re awed enough by the tomes of words required to come to this strangled conclusion, all it would signify is that something did something. Nothing even remotely more specific than this. Nothing about deities; nothing about your favourite deity tradition; nothing about Christianity.

2. There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was a real historical figure. We’re told in this post there were numerous eye witness accounts. That’s it, that’s the evidence. One blogger telling us this. No links, no names, no references. No admission that all they have are a handful of manuscripts written decades to a century or more after the alleged events. If you want to read an honest examination in more detail, try this Conversation article, which also sheds light on the biased approach of renowned Christian scholars.

3. Christianity dismisses science

Is this an objection? I don’t see how. Many scientists have religious beliefs. There are lots of ways to imagine a god that include accepting scientific fact. When someone has to introduce this into the conversation it’s usually because they’ve misunderstood that their particular creationist form of belief isn’t actually “Christianity”, but that their belief system is a hugely ignorant and embarrassing off-shoot that so happens to be popular in their corner of the world. And yes, creationism does dismiss science. And history. And basic facts at every turn.

4. If God was real evil wouldn’t exist. Depends what god you think exists.

5. God is an idea Christians made up to help them feel better about life. That seems quite simplistic and again curiously specific to a small world mindset. Gods, afterlives and spiritual worlds in general certainly seem to be a product of human fear of death and the need for simple answers to a bigger universe. “What happens when I die? You go up to a happy land in the sky.” is certainly a more comforting answer than “probably nothing, just like before you were alive”.

And just to be clear, Christians didn’t invent this particular god, they adopted and amended it to suit their purposes as they went. Sometimes their god wants them to have guns, sometimes their god is a pacifist. Sometimes this god wants them to give up all their money to give it to poor people, sometimes this god wants big rich churches full of rich people displaying how they are rewarded for being good. Sometimes this god loves performing abortions, sometimes, the Christian god hates abortion. From the outside, Christians adopted and amended this god to justify whatever whim they happen to have. Lucky for them, their holy book has lots of scope for interpretation.

So, I thank the author for their entertaining post but humbly suggest that their training isn’t quite robust enough at this point in time. I look forward to future developments.