Decline in US education standards due to godlessness!

The solution to America’s educational dilemma is admitting that:

  1. For decades we have taught the lie of scientism.
  2. For decades we have promoted godlessness and atheism.
  3. For decades we have allowed concern with populist topics like sexism and racism to overshadow all other concerns, including education itself!

The Scientific Case Against Evolution

It may come as no surprise to learn that a website called “The Scientific Case Against Evolution” is full of odd opinions and not many facts. But the opinions given on education within the post quoted above struck me as particularly peculiar and worthy of further investigation.

If the USA has falling educational standards, what god-filled, science-hating, equality-denouncing country is soaring above all others?

The answer is Finland. Finnish schools are successful for many reasons – let’s look at some obvious and not so obvious reasons.

1. Obvious – teaching is a prized and highly educated profession that demands a Masters degree, pays well and is respected in society.

2. Obvious – classes are much smaller than in other countries (around 14 students per teacher) so these well qualified, trained and supported independent professionals actually have time to interact with pupils as individuals, and have the freedom to teach as they wish.

3. Not so obvious – children are given LOADS of room to be children: to learn with space and not under pressure. School doesn’t start till they are 7 years old. Break times are much longer than in other countries. There’s little or no homework until they are teenagers. There is no testing until they are 16 years old.

4. Obvious – education and health are fully state funded and any child in any part of the country has equal access to the same education as all their peers.

Perhaps the USA has nothing to learn from Finland, and they need only continue with the highly pressurised, unequal schooling system they have, adding more religion and removing science and equality education.

But something tells me that concentrating on the four measures listed above would have a more positive impact on their failing education system. Apologies this post ends with an opinion, but I’m pleased to have sprinkled at least a few facts in there.

Any inaccuracies on the Finnish system can be swept up by Raut, our resident star of the Finnish education system (hopefully). Any concerns about the US system can be swept up by our resident star of the US education system, Colorstorm (hopefully).