Many of the posts on this blog are atheist in theme but I don’t want this blog to be an echo chamber for people with similar beliefs. Hopefully it will reflect the breadth of experience and opinion out there in the world, and everyone will feel comfortable giving their opinions. All comments are more than welcome.

Here are a couple of posts that Christians might want to read before checking out any of my posts.

Clarification for Christian Readers I

Clarification for Christian Readers II

Open comments are in place but I do request that people refrain from name-calling and other personal attacks

On Being Rude

Finally, if you are a Christian, you may find you use the Supernatural Trump Card quite a lot in discussion, and I just want to say that it’s perfectly okay to do so. When your god is invisible and all powerful, the puny human mind doesn’t need to understand everything. Sometimes it’s more damaging to your argument to try and justify the atrocities in the Bible.

Supernatural Trump Card