serious problems for religious freedom (and cakes)

There are some serious problems going on in our world today. Our rights are being eroded before our very eyes and one day soon we may be unable to make our own decisions… Continue reading

solving the tricky problem of immigration

I get the impression that the following attitude towards immigrants is gaining popularity: You are in my country. I am better than you. You must be grateful I allow your presence here. You… Continue reading

absolutely illogical

One of my blogging buddies recently accused me of moral absolutism. According to Wikipedia, if I were a moral absolutist, I would believe “certain actions are absolutely right or wrong, regardless of other… Continue reading

peace without revenge

In my recent post about the death penalty, a couple of comments suggested a logical reason for killing bad people is that it can help the families of victims of violence come to… Continue reading

keeping a clear perspective on the world

There’s a lot of fear floating around the world today. But then, there’s always been a lot of fear. Before Islam was bulldozed down the fundamentalist route by western foreign policy, there were… Continue reading

killing bad people

MakagutuĀ is my best blogging buddy. His blogĀ is fast-flowing stream of thought-provoking posts and fascinating comments. But I was more than a little surprised to find one such comment indicating carefully considered support for… Continue reading

why do deities need supernatural tricks?

Let’s pretend we’ve never been exposed to the notion of deities and the supernatural. Let’s imagine we’ve lived our lives considering only the straightforward natural world around us, where we can see, smell,… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 3

Today’s bible study will look at how Christians are told their god God views women. The Bible is written by men for men, and many of the authors like to be clear to… Continue reading

how to tell a story

Listen my friends! Behold, a teacher went out to teach. And as he taught, some of his students were playing with their iphones and didn’t hear a word he was saying. Other students… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 2

As part of this series, we’ll be randomly meandering through Christianity’s divinely inspired holy book, getting a flavour of what the god God and his same god, son god Jesus are meant to… Continue reading