violet’s bible interpretations part 1

This is a new series designed to celebrate some of the words to be found in the religious book of Christianity followers. They believe their book, the Bible, has been inspired by an… Continue reading

superbug religion’s supremely divine species

When I create my new superbug religion that spreads through the world like an unstoppable tsunami of obvious correct, I may consider the inclusion of a supremely divine species. It would be passe,… Continue reading

cutting losses

It’s immensely difficult to balance valuing life with a pragmatic approach to death. I suspect that most people’s perspective on this shifts dramatically throughout their lives, influenced by age, circumstance and experiences with… Continue reading

the crushing weight of responsibility

I’m a bit confused about parenthood. Parents usually make a choice to have children. Parents usually knowingly provide all the code that makes the physical body of their offspring. Parents are usually responsible… Continue reading

about being normal

The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well. My perceptions of normal have been hit hard on two occasions. The first time was as a teenager identifying the only… Continue reading

change of air

I’ve moved from the southern to the northern hemisphere; from sunny warmth to cloudy, wet and windy chill; from hummingbirds and parakeets to seagulls and pigeons; and from peaceful contemplation (verging on boredom)… Continue reading

spine-tingling deities

I’m a huge Mike Patton fan. He’s a multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-genre music-making genius extraordinaire. I love Faith No More, Fantomas, Peeping Tom and even that silly Italian orchestra stuff. Lots of other people… Continue reading

confessions of a supernatural nature

The probability of supernatural events has been a popular discussion topic of late. I have maintained a firm stance of absolute disbelief in the possibility of supernatural occurrences at any point in history… Continue reading

a fairer society

It seems that as our international society develops, we become clearer about what is useful behaviour and what is harmful behaviour. We have a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which tells us what… Continue reading

smelling love

Romantic love is obviously something that takes up a lot of time in our lives. Whether we’re with someone or not with someone, it hovers around our heads and nether regions making lots… Continue reading