new political landscape

“There’s no-one to choose from!” Ah, politics! Who on earth wants to sit through endless, mind-numbing meetings going over minute details on unemployment strategies, economic policies, health reforms, obscure laws …? A list… Continue reading

neither the inclination nor the time

“Isn’t it amazing?” The topic of divine intervention has been brought to my attention. The kind of thing where someone was ill and because of lots of praying their god decided to cure… Continue reading

all things good

“because you just never know …” I’ve been musing once more about why humans believe in deities. Previously, in pause for lightening strike, I put it down to the need for an extension… Continue reading

don’t look, honey!

“I have nothing against gay people. I actually know several and I love them.” I just read a great blog from someone complaining about a homosexual kiss being broadcast on their New Year’s… Continue reading

emotionally charged diversions

“It’s a little baby!” Here’s a topic that drives me mad. I’ll endeavour to show restraint and be succinct. I’ll probably never have an abortion. After all, I have an easy life – I’ve… Continue reading

a dint in my social pleasure

“Go on!  One small glass won’t hurt you!” Oh my, how I love a glass of red wine, of champagne, a bottle of ice cold beer, a minty mojito, a salty margarita …… Continue reading

picking wounds

“I’m not in a good place place right now” I don’t know that much about psychotherapy. I’ve read a bit about it, I’ve spoken to a few people and, by the power of… Continue reading

pause for lightening strike

“I don’t believe in God” A tentative half-thought on a speeding train at the age of 19, followed by a pause waiting for the lightening strike that never came. It’s difficult to think… Continue reading

just in case

“I’m having an okay time, but this isn’t a party I want to be responsible for inviting anyone else to, just in case they really don’t like it.” Okay, so this may not… Continue reading

is it worth it?

“I just think to myself, is this animal’s life worth a moment’s pleasure in my mouth?” That there comment moved me from 26 years of eating meat to stopping.  It’s kind of weird,… Continue reading