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wonky world views

My best blogging buddy, Insanitybytes, always manages to throw a post together to get me thinking. In her recent post, Under God, Own It, she tells us “that God wants America to remember who… Continue reading

facing reality

Insanitybytes gives some food for thought when she challenges our perceptions of reality in her latest post. I think she’s correct to state that “in an instant, your entire perception of reality can change”.… Continue reading

questions and answers: is the bible sexist?

Q: Is the Bible aimed only at men? A: No, Christians believe the Bible is a holy text of guidance, rules and moral instruction aimed at the whole of humanity. Q: What percentage… Continue reading

how to justify embarrassing bible verses – part 3

So, why did the Bible use submission for women only? It didn’t. If one reads closely it says two things that we’ve entirely ignored. First, it commands husbands to love their wives as… Continue reading

how do you know you’re going to heaven?

Our friends at Grace Church have an application form for people who want to become members. One of the questions on the application form is quite intriguing: How do you know you are… Continue reading

why did people stop listening to the god God?

“Why did people stop listening to God?” asks Rebecca LuElla Miller. I have a few obvious answers that immediately spring to mind. But imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the comments… Continue reading

why are you a christian?

My former best blogging buddy Ark did a post entitled Why are you a Christian?, which elicited some interesting responses. I particularly liked Notestoponder’s comment: People are Christian for the same reason they’re… Continue reading

what’s wrong with magic?

magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford English Dictionary) The Christian god God and his son Jesus, who is one being the god God, is reported to have… Continue reading

lurking 13: whose side are you on?

Some Christian bloggers say the weirdest things. So weird, it’s difficult to tell whether they’re arguing for or against their god God. Take this selection from the work of 6 days/6000 years/66 books:… Continue reading

the absolute morality judgement board

People recognize that *if* there is a right and wrong they want to live rightly. If there is a God who judges us then they want to know they acted rationally in light… Continue reading