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nice people in action

As for you, Nate, I trust that you are seeking truth and remaining intellectually honest by affirming atheism. And, I would not be surprised if your morality exceeded that of many Christians. I… Continue reading

emergency plan christianity

There are many environmental causes (besides indoctrination) that can mess with the head and make one think they have experienced god or demons. Neuronotes has a fascinating blog about the brain. It makes me realise… Continue reading

an imaginary exercise for all christians

I’ve stated on many an occasion that it’s very difficult to perform a self-extraction from indoctrinated belief. If the notion of an all-powerful, invisible protector has been a big part of your upbringing,… Continue reading

is atheism inadequate to the human experience?

As for atheism, I think it can be internally coherent, but ultimately inadequate to the human experience; it always seems to end up crudely reducing the human person to a bag of meat.… Continue reading

speculation and faith

I may not truly believe atheism is a religion, but I do think it has something in common with religious beliefs that we don’t readily admit. As an atheist, I don’t believe in… Continue reading

proof that atheism is a religion

It’s long been a bee in my bonnet that atheists deny we are part of unifying religion of non-belief in gods and other superstitious entities. At long last, proof has come in the… Continue reading

helpful hints to judge sin (from a god)

Inspiration to blog has at last returned to me, courtesy of my old friends at Quiner’s Diner, and their magnificantly titled post, “Do sinners have moral standing to judge sin?”  I didn’t get… Continue reading

there must be more to life than this

When I’m a little bored of lurking round random spots, one of my favourite places to revisit is any old post by John Zande. If you don’t have the Superstitious Naked Ape on… Continue reading

absolute morality and killing sentient beings

What is right for human behavior is determined by human nature.  … So if humans are natural omnivores, then you can’t say it is wrong for humans to eat meat.  As far as I… Continue reading

proof of a man-made religion, part 1

 A good Biblical reading on this is in the book of Job. Job didn’t understand why so much destruction had come to his life. God replied with a question: “Where were you when… Continue reading