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we must be reading different books

you may care to admit, that there is no other book on earth such as the word of God. Even if you hated every word, did not believe one word of it, you could… Continue reading

a challenge for christians – why christianity?

The existence of God is evident and obvious, a simple matter of fact. Blood, air, water, dirt, vegetables, marriage, clean animals, unclean animals, night creatures, sea life, stars, mountains, memory, insects, the brain,… Continue reading

christian logic: slavery and homosexual marriage

The The Isaiah 53:5 Project has a very interesting post, Does the Bible condone slavery?, which is an interesting attempt at justifying the unhesitating and enthusiastic support for slavery scattered throughout their written moral… Continue reading

abortion: the context of faith

do you have any kind of moral argument against a woman being allowed to just get pregnant as many times and she wants and to than sell the fetal tissue? I can’t argue against… Continue reading

make your choice – who was Jesus?

“You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit… Continue reading

conspiracy theories, self-fulfilling prophecies and a fat reality check

Given the slightly disturbing turn of discussion on my previous post, I’ve been thinking a lot about conspiracy theories. Like many humans, I’ve been a big fan of conspiracy theories at various points… Continue reading

lurking 17: crazy religious conspiracy theory

I’m a bit out of touch with crazy religious conspiracy theories. I know there are a lot out there, and in the Christian world these days they usually have something to do with Israel,… Continue reading

what two questions does every wife ask that most husbands don’t even hear?

The Isaiah 53:5 Project has an answer to this question that I exclaimed makes his post one of the weirdest I’ve ever read. Perhaps the next weirdest bit is that several readers took the time… Continue reading

another challenge for christians

I recently issued a challenge to Christians which received little or no uptake. Not deterred, I’ve thought of another one which I’m sure will be better received. For truly I tell you, until… Continue reading

coincidence, tragedy and other acts of gods

Having just spent some time with people of a religious persuasion, I’m struck by how often coincidences (or indeed any and all random events with supposedly positive outcomes) are desperately attributed to the machinations of… Continue reading