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bees and flowers

international bees and music

  edinburgh bees I’m a big fan of bees and have used some very lovely Argentinian bee pictures (see below) on previous posts. I was worried that I might not find such lovely… Continue reading

the clear understanding of life

preamble Why do I so readily dismiss the great and wise thinkers cited by people in their quest for truth or understanding? Two main reasons: 1. Most of the people referenced are dead.… Continue reading

lurking 2: women! shut up!

This is the second post in my new series publishing comments that surprise me as I lurk round Christian blogs. Two things were brought to my attention yesterday that have affected today’s choice… Continue reading

questions and answers

What is the correct religion? Christianity, obviously. Because I grew up in a mainly Christian country. What is the correct version of Christianity? Well, I was going to say Church of Scotland, because… Continue reading