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some rules for Christians on slavery and homosexual marriage

rules on slavery 1. Having slaves is fine and dandy and normal. Just make sure they’re foreigners. Leviticus 25:44 “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from… Continue reading

going to the cinema

I finally got round to going to the cinema on Sunday, for the first time in about three years. There was no competition in terms of film choice – I’d read too many… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 3

Today’s bible study will look at how Christians are told their god God views women. The Bible is written by men for men, and many of the authors like to be clear to… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 2

As part of this series, we’ll be randomly meandering through Christianity’s divinely inspired holy book, getting a flavour of what the god God and his same god, son god Jesus are meant to… Continue reading

violet’s bible interpretations part 1

This is a new series designed to celebrate some of the words to be found in the religious book of Christianity followers. They believe their book, the Bible, has been inspired by an… Continue reading

translation, interpretation and clarification

Having only recently become fairly fluent in a second language, and having previously lived with understanding of only one language, I’m amazed at the different styles of expression available, even between two quite… Continue reading

is morality timeless?

you are reading the bible like a layman, you can extract meaning but not scholarship I had a dead-end comment chat with a Christian recently. ┬áNot that big a surprise, I guess, as… Continue reading