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new blog rules

I’ve been blogging for two and half years now and have never felt the need to issue any kind of fixed rules for anyone willing to participate in the discussions. Until last week.… Continue reading

to ban or not to ban – dealing with difficult comments

You’re as thick as a plank. (Mr Marvellous) Banning other bloggers from my posts is something I’ve never given much thought. I have always had open comments and I try to find to… Continue reading

what’s going on over at the bigot’s place?

There’s a charming little blog that some of you may have had the pleasure to encounter called Ask the Bigot. The blog host, Bigot, campaigns tirelessly for marriage inequality based on her experience… Continue reading

clarification for christian readers III

It seems I’m devoting an increasing proportion of my posts to the subject of religion, and specifically Christianity. I can see how some Christians may find it unusual that an atheist would choose… Continue reading

possibly the worst post ever

When it comes to crazy posts from wayward Christians, I sometimes get complacent about just how bad it can get. And then I stumble across something like this: Christian Husbands – You don’t pay… Continue reading

comments of the month

There are some very interesting conversations taking place in the previous post about demons that I plan to summarise in a future post. But in the meantime, there are a couple of cracking comments that… Continue reading

rave reviews

Insanitybytes has a fantastic page on her blog called Rave Reviews. In this section, she shares some of the feedback she’s received from her other blogging fans. Here are a few of my favourites:… Continue reading

complementary comments of the month

Two comments in the last few days have stood out for me. And they go together so beautifully, I can’t help but bring them together for the viewing and pondering pleasure of the… Continue reading

the fine line in intolerant extremism

It’s interesting to note the fine line that exists between the ranting extremists on two sides of the same fence. Take the ranty, irrational Christian versus the ranty, irrational atheist. There’s not much… Continue reading

my favourite exchange of the month

Sometimes, on the lurk round other blogs, one stumbles across gem-like interactions between fellow bloggers in the comments section. Two of my very favourite bloggers had something very cool to say to each… Continue reading