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agreeing to disagree

The best thing about blogging is discussing ideas with people who have totally different life experiences. Especially in the area of religion, where I’m more likely to frequent, there are lots of points… Continue reading

lurking 15: the argument against marriage

I’m reliably informed that from the age of 4, I wanted to get married to a succession of cute boys and have around 99 children. I considered each one in turn to be… Continue reading

being sane is over-rated

In my last post, I pondered the evidence for and against the existence of any of the many gods that humans have believed in down through the ages. In the discussion that followed,… Continue reading

wonky world views

My best blogging buddy, Insanitybytes, always manages to throw a post together to get me thinking. In her recent post,¬†Under God, Own It, she tells us “that God wants America to remember who… Continue reading

blog break II

As some of my best blogging buddies have spotted, I’m on another blog break. Interesting to note that in my case at least, whatever fuels my need to air online rants and chastisements¬†disappears… Continue reading

censorship – is Luther worthy of love?

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about censorship in the land of blogging, and I’m not entirely sure why. I even feel a bit prickly about comment policies and… Continue reading

my troll strategy

Trolls can be a fun feature of blogging: an anonymous voice of nonsense can certainly brighten up the conversation and bring a freshly odd perspective. They can be like little enthusiastic puppies bouncing… Continue reading

on being rude

I don’t doubt for one minute that I’m ruder than your average person in real life. However, in blogland, where I have the chance to analyse and digest comments before replying, I find… Continue reading


The personality of most Trolls is hindered not only by their meanness and stubbornness but also in that they are slow thinking. They are apt to be noisy and quarrelsome and at dinner… Continue reading

what is a right?

My current best blogging nemesis has big issues with rights. As far as I can tell, he is your typical indoctrinated American Republican who thinks that ‘rights’ only refer to those enshrined in… Continue reading