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a call to my muse

One of my best blogging buddies has gone missing. A similar case occurred not so long ago, but that old codger had unplugged his internet connection and couldn’t work out how to plug… Continue reading

lurking 4: atheists are racist

As I was accused of anti-Semitism yesterday (although the accuser has so far chosen not to explain the reason for this charge), it seems like a good time to explore the idea that atheists… Continue reading

effective online dialogue

This is a special tribute post to my blog ‘buddies’  The Ark and myatheistlife.  Both are finely versed in the subtler shades of anti-theistic arguments, quick of wit and sharp of tongue.  While… Continue reading

the editing comments conundrum

Believe it not, I only found out what ‘trolling’ is yesterday. I’m new to this world of blogging and have clearly been technologically out of touch for some time.  So I’ve been fascinated… Continue reading