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a dawning realisation

Browsing round Christian blogs earlier today, I had the dawning realisation that many religious people view the world with the eyes of a child and the processing power of a Commodore 64. Here… Continue reading

all socialism is slavery

In countries where socialism is more open, the government pays for the healthcare — AFTER it has extracted the money from the people. This hides the cost, so people believe it is free.… Continue reading

why christians must face their demons

Only on atheist blogs does it seem people are aware of the harm religion does…but dammit, that’s the wrong type of people who need to be fighting crap like exorcism! The f’ing CHURCH… Continue reading

eclipsing progress

they believe in a mythical thing called Progress, a power that shapes human fortunes, but which simply does not exist (at least, not as they imagine it.) Things do not get better by the… Continue reading

what’s the problem with objective morality?

If you’re going to continue insisting, “No, there IS no objective morality”, then you’re really only faced with one alternative. Whatever the majority believes at any given time, that is “morally right”. Period.… Continue reading

tinkering with the god God’s perfect design

… if there is no belief that people have worth and value beyond the natural world, then there really is no sound moral argument to made for not tinkering with the design. In fact,… Continue reading

understanding atheism

It is hard for me understand a truly atheistic position. The theist and the Atheist both hold their positions as beliefs. One cannot prove, in the scientific sense that there is a god,… Continue reading

questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are hunting recruits all over my town. They’re stationed every 300 metres with pamphlets claiming to explain what the Bible really means, in several languages to maximise their potential audience. They… Continue reading

the journey from theism to atheism

I am an ex-atheist, I have a working memory of what drove me there. anaivethinker I was brought up in a very religious household. Although I must admit the variety of Christianity was… Continue reading

obvious falsehoods – an appeal to Christians

One advantage of believing obvious falsehoods is that one is not tempted to imagine one could know the Truth. Clare Flourish Most Christian denominations seem to think they know the Truth about what… Continue reading