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atheism in a sentence

For those of you not aware, there’s a lively discussion about whether paedophile priests are a homosexual problem over at Catholic Truth Blog. On this post you can learn that heterosexual men would… Continue reading

the sword cuts both ways

In a recent discussion with a Christian about fear-loaded religion, I was informed that there are as many reasons to be afraid of giving up atheism as there are for giving up a… Continue reading

the evolutionary path to atheism

People in all societies throughout time have had superstitious belief systems to explain the unexplainable. Every Christian I think would agree that the Mayan gods were a primitive attempt to understand life and… Continue reading

another scandal, more lives destroyed

[The Bible] doesn’t clean things up and give us a sanitary, Walt Disney version of what happened. It shows us, for instance, how the great King David succumbed to lust and envy and committed… Continue reading

the arrogance of animals

If you want to see a video of three young women smugly singing ‘We didn’t come from monkeys, we didn’t swing from trees, we’re not a piece of seaweed floating in the breeze’,… Continue reading

describing atheism

In my last post, I invited readers to suggest a humorous descriptive label that could be attached to atheism or atheists. I was seeking to create a fair playing field for good-natured and… Continue reading

life through the lens of Christians

I’ve had a couple of enlightening exchanges with some Christians recently that left me scratching my head even more than usual. Let’s share these experiences. decay Christians can have a seriously confusing view… Continue reading

over my head

My best blogging buddy, Ark, who loves cakes, bees, dogs and ranting, brought up an important point today. A point about knowledge. I’m personally not very knowledgeable about much in this world. My… Continue reading

guidelines for child-rearing

As a parent, I have a responsibility to equip my offspring to deal with life in an effective way. Lots of people feel this way about parenthood, and fear for their little ones… Continue reading

superbug religion and iPads

Not so long ago, Life on the Frogstar did an excellent post warning all us rational thinkers about the potential rise of a superbug religion, impervious to logic, that may sweep through the… Continue reading