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a post about morality for insanity

For the most part, people do not recognize that there are consequences for their actions. Instead, most people justify their actions and only alter their behavior when they think it will be beneficial… Continue reading

an invitation to chat with mark about morality

And I’d like to think that even among my critics I’ve shown pretty well why simply saying “morality is a result of evolution” is not a good response as far as the moral… Continue reading

scratching our itches

In a recent post, I suggested that in order to cure the world of violence, we should discuss the obvious solution of offering chemical castration to all men. This post met with little… Continue reading

for the linguistic creationists

Many of you will be familiar with the the cult of Linguistic Creationists and their holy text, the Biblingua, which they believe was revealed in a series of divine whispers from the omniscient… Continue reading

five phases of humanity

There exists a tug of war between theists and atheists trying to deliver proof for which of their two stances is natural for humans. In the past, I have unashamedly taken the side… Continue reading

absolute morality and killing sentient beings

What is right for human behavior is determined by human nature.  … So if humans are natural omnivores, then you can’t say it is wrong for humans to eat meat.  As far as I… Continue reading

the point of deism

My best blogging buddy, Ark, has a few problems with the religiously inclined. I share many of his concerns but we often don’t come to the same conclusions on related matters. He has… Continue reading

giving the religiously inclined a helping hand

Believing in a super-powerful deity or two is the prerogative of followers of religion. These deities are exclusively invisible beings that leave clues to their existence with specially selected human beings. Specially selected… Continue reading

the evolutionary path to atheism

People in all societies throughout time have had superstitious belief systems to explain the unexplainable. Every Christian I think would agree that the Mayan gods were a primitive attempt to understand life and… Continue reading

the arrogance of animals

If you want to see a video of three young women smugly singing ‘We didn’t come from monkeys, we didn’t swing from trees, we’re not a piece of seaweed floating in the breeze’,… Continue reading