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the bechdel test

I’m afraid I’m at a stage in life where one of the most satisfying parts of the day is when my 2-year-old finally falls asleep and my partner and I can collapse on… Continue reading

a rant about selling sex

Pinkagendist has done some posts that raise questions about our attitudes towards sex. In western societies, we have developed many key moral features from our dominant religion over the last couple of thousand years, so… Continue reading

how to justify embarrassing bible verses – part 2

These posts may seem light in tone but they cover serious issues. Rape, for example, isn’t anything to take lightly and while it’s possible to laugh at Bible stories and be amused at Christians… Continue reading

through the looking glass

It sometimes seems as if society has become so warped that we have stepped into a sick fantasy world of upside-down. Conservative Christian women simply long for the good old days when everything made sense,… Continue reading

I’m so glad I’m not female

This post was inspired by the Quiner’s Diner’s article “I’m so glad I’m not Black”.  [edit: Since this post was published Mr Quiner of the Diner has amended the title and some of… Continue reading

scratching our itches

In a recent post, I suggested that in order to cure the world of violence, we should discuss the obvious solution of offering chemical castration to all men. This post met with little… Continue reading

the importance of sanitary pads

No human being died because of poverty – everything happens because of ignorance. There’s a fantastically interesting story on the BBC website about a guy in India who’s dedicated a huge portion of… Continue reading

lurking 9: chivalry is in the dustbin

When it comes to lurking, no-one does it better than Clare Flourish. She uncovers the most interesting array of bloggers and is kind enough to share them with the world. Thanks to Clare,… Continue reading

an evidence-based christian approach to abortion

I find it fascinating when people post their frankly atrocious opinions about the world on public blogs, then remove the right to comment. It’s understandable that many Christians out there are aware they… Continue reading

survey: just how randy are heterosexual men?

Recently, there has been a disturbing flurry of Christian posts focusing on the difficulties faced by men who are unable to control themselves when women wear certain cuts of clothing. I find it… Continue reading