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comment of the month – guns and fear

For those of us fortunate enough to live without weapons and who feel no need to possess them, it’s very difficult to get someone to even imagine what that might be like. Once experienced,… Continue reading

love & security or leadership & authority?

There is a crisis in our country and it’s really not about guns, it’s about leadership, role models, and authority. It often does begin with boys in fatherless homes, deprived of any masculine… Continue reading

assclowns in the USA

And ThugLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter protesters?  I’ll call them what they are, too: ASSCLOWNS. (VR Kaine) I don’t live in the United States of America, but main news items from there are quite often covered… Continue reading

one solution: guns, guns, guns

I want a gun so if a Muslim terrorist grabs it, a bolt of lightning drops them dead on the spot. Intrigued? Watch the short video below.   Thanks to John Zande for… Continue reading

for my brother, part 1

One of the wonders of genetics is that two parents can provide an abundance in variety of code to make curiously diverse offspring develop under similar environmental conditions. My brother and I have… Continue reading

gun control – the facts behind the ‘facts’ behind the ‘myths’

I’ve recently had a delightful journey into the world of gun facts.  Just google ‘gun facts’, download the brochure and you’ll see what I mean.  Pages and pages of ‘myths’ allegedly debunked by… Continue reading