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the two types of christian

It’s come to my attention that there are two broad types of Christian. One Christian wants a god who judges, and the other wants a god who loves. One Christian salivates over arbitrary rules… Continue reading

a question for Christians – what is heaven like?

As far as I can tell, Christians seem to have quite differing expectations of their impending afterlife. A quick google of Christian sites brings some interesting visions. Some believe their god God sits… Continue reading

what does your heaven look like?

I’m intrigued by the prospect of an afterlife. I’m not incredibly concerned with its location but I am interested to know what believers imagine it will be like. If you’re surrounded by your… Continue reading

the love of eternal torment

It’s surprising that most Christians are rather complacent about their core belief in hell: the majority of human beings who exist and have existed will spend eternity is some form of torment. Sermons dwelling… Continue reading

how do you know you’re going to heaven?

Our friends at Grace Church have an application form for people who want to become members. One of the questions on the application form is quite intriguing: How do you know you are… Continue reading

why christianity makes no sense

The following quote from Nate is the best argument against the illogical nature of Christian beliefs I’ve ever seen (besides the Bible itself, obviously). Has Nate discovered the elusive cure for Christianity? It’s… Continue reading

a question for christians about abortion

I’ve noticed that most of the anti-abortion movement seems to be quite religiously inclined. Certainly the Catholic Church and other Christians from the United States seem to be the most vocal on this… Continue reading

lurking 3: how to get to heaven

The third post in my lurking series isn’t from the comments section of a post. It’s a lovely extract from a post that I read a couple of months ago that was so… Continue reading