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ways to indoctrinate our children

That certainly does explain my atheist parents! Actually, their indoctrination was based on knee jerk emotionalism, politics, and personal wounds and rebellion from their own past. I can hear the same anger and… Continue reading

a whiff of truth

Often the behavior of atheists mimics the behavior of the most obnoxious extremist Christian. Being around atheists is a bit like being in a Christian cult, just without even the benefit of the… Continue reading

no such thing as deconversion

There is no such thing as “deconversion” from life in Christ my dear lady. The gospel is not a package of propositions the acquiescence to which makes one a Christian. It is a… Continue reading

low self-esteem issues

Although many of my posts intend to highlight the ludicrous and harmful nature of religious beliefs through the medium of mockery, on this occasion I’m just feeling slightly perplexed and puzzled by the… Continue reading

identity crisis

If I had been born in India, chances are I’d be a Hindu. If I had been born in Spain, I would likely be a Catholic. If I had been born in Iran,… Continue reading

superbug religion and iPads

Not so long ago, Life on the Frogstar did an excellent post warning all us rational thinkers about the potential rise of a superbug religion, impervious to logic, that may sweep through the… Continue reading