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lurking 9: chivalry is in the dustbin

When it comes to lurking, no-one does it better than Clare Flourish. She uncovers the most interesting array of bloggers and is kind enough to share them with the world. Thanks to Clare,… Continue reading

lurking 8: morality is nonsense to an atheist

It’s not possible for atheists to rationally ground moral judgments objectively. You are merely expressing your personal opinions when you say that something is right or wrong. On your atheistic view, things like… Continue reading

lurking 7: how to tell a person of principle

Would you attend a gay marriage? What if you followed a religion with a holy rule book that doesn’t mention gay marriage? I can imagine the dilemma – flicking through the pages trying… Continue reading

lurking 6: I’m sick of hearing about the poor

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to return to the lurking series, courtesy of my new best blogging buddies, Catholic Truth Scotland. This site is a goldmine of wayward Christian opinions, from a heretical… Continue reading

lurking 5: the will of a benevolent god

I’m more than delighted to have the opportunity to return to the lurking series, courtesy of some charming thoughts found here. Most Christians I’ve personally met tend to prefer a benevolent spin on… Continue reading

lurking 4: atheists are racist

As I was accused of anti-Semitism yesterday (although the accuser has so far chosen not to explain the reason for this charge), it seems like a good time to explore the idea that atheists… Continue reading

lurking 3: how to get to heaven

The third post in my lurking series isn’t from the comments section of a post. It’s a lovely extract from a post that I read a couple of months ago that was so… Continue reading

lurking 2: women! shut up!

This is the second post in my new series publishing comments that surprise me as I lurk round Christian blogs. Two things were brought to my attention yesterday that have affected today’s choice… Continue reading

lurking 1: health and wealth

One of the best things about blogging is lurking round other people’s blogs to get a good sense of what’s going on in nutty corners of the world. I follow a wide variety… Continue reading