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learning about demons and christians

On a recent post about demons and exorcism, I learned that the Christian belief in demons is more popular than I had previously imagined. I’d like to thank all the Christians who took time to… Continue reading

what’s the problem with objective morality?

If you’re going to continue insisting, “No, there IS no objective morality”, then you’re really only faced with one alternative. Whatever the majority believes at any given time, that is “morally right”. Period.… Continue reading

what can we learn from Solomon?

Solomon is one of the most impressive figures in the Bible, with power, wealth and wisdom outstripping all other Old Testament characters. Solomon had the honour of meeting the god God, chatting with… Continue reading

understanding atheism

It is hard for me understand a truly atheistic position. The theist and the Atheist both hold their positions as beliefs. One cannot prove, in the scientific sense that there is a god,… Continue reading

the journey from theism to atheism

I am an ex-atheist, I have a working memory of what drove me there. anaivethinker I was brought up in a very religious household. Although I must admit the variety of Christianity was… Continue reading

complementary comments of the month

Two comments in the last few days have stood out for me. And they go together so beautifully, I can’t help but bring them together for the viewing and pondering pleasure of the… Continue reading

a post about nazareth

Nazareth is not mentioned in any pre-Christian literature at all. Not a hint, not a whisper. Jesus of Where? by L’Ark One of my oddest experiences was a visit to the church in… Continue reading

a whiff of truth

Often the behavior of atheists mimics the behavior of the most obnoxious extremist Christian. Being around atheists is a bit like being in a Christian cult, just without even the benefit of the… Continue reading

no such thing as deconversion

There is no such thing as “deconversion” from life in Christ my dear lady. The gospel is not a package of propositions the acquiescence to which makes one a Christian. It is a… Continue reading

christians face the genocidal tendencies of their loving god God

God has never pronounced judgement on an innocent person in all of history. These were debauched, bloodthirsty, idolatrous pagan nations with whom He had withheld His wrath for a long time. Even His… Continue reading