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the fine line in intolerant extremism

It’s interesting to note the fine line that exists between the ranting extremists on two sides of the same fence. Take the ranty, irrational Christian versus the ranty, irrational atheist. There’s not much… Continue reading

agreeing to disagree

The best thing about blogging is discussing ideas with people who have totally different life experiences. Especially in the area of religion, where I’m more likely to frequent, there are lots of points… Continue reading

poll: is theism or atheism natural?

I don’t want everyone jumping to instant conclusions on this one: 99% of atheists will predictably tell me that atheism is natural because no child is born following a religion but that every… Continue reading

evidence for the existence of invisible things that leave no physical trace

Logically and scientifically speaking it takes as much evidence to prove there is no god than that there is one. On a short lurk today, I stumbled across this sentence in the comments… Continue reading

am I getting my money’s worth?

I was very pro Europe, pro euro, and now I live here I don’t see the UK gaining any benefit at all. The UK endlessly subsidises larger countries, invariably with smaller populations, pays… Continue reading

facing reality

Insanitybytes gives some food for thought when she challenges our perceptions of reality in her latest post. I think she’s correct to state that “in an instant, your entire perception of reality can change”.… Continue reading

questions and answers: is the bible sexist?

Q: Is the Bible aimed only at men? A: No, Christians believe the Bible is a holy text of guidance, rules and moral instruction aimed at the whole of humanity. Q: What percentage… Continue reading

how to justify embarrassing bible verses – part 3

So, why did the Bible use submission for women only? It didn’t. If one reads closely it says two things that we’ve entirely ignored. First, it commands husbands to love their wives as… Continue reading

why did people stop listening to the god God?

“Why did people stop listening to God?” asks Rebecca LuElla Miller. I have a few obvious answers that immediately spring to mind. But imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the comments… Continue reading

what’s wrong with magic?

magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford English Dictionary) The Christian god God and his son Jesus, who is one being the god God, is reported to have… Continue reading